Webpack Configurations

electron-vue comes packed with three separate webpack config files located in the .electron-vue/ directory. Aside for the optional use of the web output, both main and renderer are similar in setup. Both make use of babel-preset-env to target node@7 features, use babili, and treat all modules as externals.


Targets electron's main process. This configuration is rather bare, but does include some common webpack practices.


Targets electron's renderer process. This configuration handles your Vue application, so it includes vue-loader and many other configurations that are available in the official vuejs-templates/webpack boilerplate.

White-listing Externals

One important thing to consider about this config is that you can whitelist specific modules to not treat as webpack externals. There aren't many use cases where this functionality is needed, but for the case of Vue UI libraries that provide raw *.vue components they will need to be whitelisted, so vue-loader is able to compile them. Another use case would be using webpack aliases, such as setting vue to import the full Compiler + Runtime build. Because of this, vue is already in the whitelist.


Targets building your renderer process source code for the browser. This config is provided as a strong starting base if you are in need of publishing to web. electron-vue does not support web output further than what is provided. Issues related to web output will most likely be deferred or closed.

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