Unit Testing

electron-vue makes use of the Karma test runner and the Mocha test framework (with Chai) for unit testing.

Both Mocha and Chai are integrated using karma-mocha and karma-chai respectively, so all APIs such as expect are globally available in test files.

Running Tests

# Begin Karma
npm run unit

File Structure

├─ test
|  ├─ unit
│  │  ├─ specs/
│  │  ├─ index.js
└─ └─ └─ karma.conf.js

For the most part, you can ignore both index.js and karma.conf.js and focus solely on writing specs/.


Inside this directory is where actual tests are written. Thanks to the power of webpack, you have full access to ES2015 and supported loaders.


This is the entry file used by karma-webpack. The purpose of this file is to gather all test and source code in a "one-shot" manner.


Here you will find the actual karma configuration, set up with spec/coverage reporters. Further customization can be made in accordance to the official karma documentation.

Mocking Dependencies

electron-vue comes with inject-loader installed by default. For usage with Vue component files see vue-loader docs on testing with mocks.

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