electron-vue supports both unit testing and end-to-end testing for the renderer process and is heavily inspired by the testing setup provided with the official vuejs-templates/webpack boilerplate. During vue-cli scaffolding you will have the option to include testing support.

Unit testing

Run unit tests with Karma + Mocha

npm run unit

End-to-end testing

Run end-to-end tests with Spectron + Mocha

npm run e2e

Running all tests

npm test

On the subject of CI testing

If your decided to use electron-builder as your build tool when scaffolding, then you can easily test your application on both Travis CI & AppVeyor for darwin, linux, and win32. Inside both .travis.yml and appveyor.yml you will find commented sections you can quickly un-comment to enable testing. Make sure to read up on Automated Deployments using CI for further information.

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