Main Process

In Electron, the process that runs package.json’s main script is called the main process. The script that runs in the main process can display a GUI by creating web pages.

From the Electron Documentation

Since the main process is essentially a full node environment, there is no initial project structure other than two files.


This file is your application's main file, the file in which electron boots with. It is also used as webpack's entry file for production. All main process work should start from here.


This file is used specifically and only for development as it installs electron-debug & vue-devtools. There shouldn't be any need to modify this file, but it can be used to extend your development needs.

On the subject of using __dirname & __filename

Since the main process is bundled using webpack, the use of __dirname & __filename will not provide an expected value in production. Referring to the File Tree, you'll notice that in production the main.js is placed inside the dist/electron folder. Based on this knowledge, use __dirname & __filename accordingly.

If you are in need of a path to your static/ assets directory, make sure to read up on Using Static Assets to learn about the super handy __static variable.

├─ dist
│  └─ electron
│     ├─ static/
│     ├─ index.html
│     ├─ main.js
│     └─ renderer.js
├─ node_modules/
└─ package.json

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