Why is my electron app blank after running npm run dev?


Make sure you don't have a personal proxy setup that could tamper with webpack-dev-server.

Why does my electron app show a file explorer?


Your src/renderer contains error(s). Check console, fix errors, then refresh electron with CommandOrControl+R.

Long answer

If error(s) are present in you src/renderer this creates conflicts with ESLint on first run. In turn, an INVALID webpack renderer.js is produced which interrupts HtmlWebpackPlugin from creating index.html. Since webpack-dev-server doesn't have the index.html ready to serve, the server falls back to the file explorer.

Why is vue-devtools/devtron missing?

Make sure to close and reopen the developer tools panel on first launch if they are missing. Also check your terminal check for any error messages that may occur during installation.

Where do I put Static Assets?

Using Static Assets

Why did npm run lint end with an error?

The default nature of eslint is to print linting errors to console, and if there is any found the script will end with a non-zero exit (which produces npm errors). This is normal behavior.

Why can't I load my app in a web browser?


How do import jquery?

If you are wanting to use bootstrap, I'm going to have to stop you right there. Using both vue and jquery in the same environment is a bad practice and leads to the two frameworks colliding with each other. I would highly recommend using a bootstrap alternative that uses vue for its JavaScript functionality. Some recommendations include bootstrap-vue and vue-strap. For whatever reason you must use jquery, seek guidance from webpack's documentation about the ProvidePlugin or see #192.

How can I debug the main process?

When using electron@^1.7.2 you can open up Google Chrome, head to chrome://inspect, and then pop open the remote electron process while your application is running in development mode.

Electron Documentation

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