NPM Scripts

To help eliminate redundant tasks around the development process, please take note of some of the NPM scripts available to you. The following commands should be ran from your project's root directory. And of course, you can run any of the below commands using yarn run <command>.

npm run build

Build your app for production and package. More info can be found in the Building Your App section.

npm run dev

Run app in development.

You can also pass command line paramaters to the application with:

npm run dev --arg1=val1 --arg2

npm run lint

Lint all your src/'s and test/'s JS & Vue component files.

npm run lint:fix

Lint all your src/'s and test/'s JS & Vue component files and attempt to fix issues.

npm run pack

Run both npm run pack:main & npm run pack:renderer. Although these commands are available, there are not many cases where you will need to manually do this as npm run build will handle this step.

npm run pack:main

Run webpack to bundle main process source code.

npm run pack:renderer

Run webpack to bundle renderer process source code.

npm run unit

Run unit tests with Karma + Jasmine. More information on Unit Testing.

npm run e2e

Run end-to-end tests with Spectron + Mocha. More information on End-to-end Testing.

npm test

Runs both npm run unit & npm run e2e. More information on Testing.

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