Using electron-packager

All builds produced by electron-packager can be found within the build folder.

Building for all platforms

Please know that not all Operating Systems can build for all other platforms.

npm run build

Building for a specific platform

Platforms include darwin, mas, linux and win32.

# build for darwin (macOS)
npm run build:darwin


Delete all builds from build.

npm run build:clean

A note for non-Windows users

If you are wanting to build for Windows with a custom icon using a non-Windows platform, you must have wine installed. More Info.

Default building configurations

Further customization can be made at .electron-vue/build.config.js in accordance to electron-packager's options found here. The name applied to your built application is set with the productName value in your package.json.

    // Target 'x64' architecture
    arch: 'x64',

    // Compress app using 'electron/asar'
    asar: true,

    // Directory of the app
    dir: path.join(__dirname, '../'),

    // Set electron app icon
    // File extensions are added based on platform
    // If building for Linux, please read
    icon: path.join(__dirname, '../build/icons/icon'),

    // Ignore files that would bloat final build size
    ignore: /(^\/(src|test|\.[a-z]+|README|yarn|static|dist\/web))|\.gitkeep/,

    // Save builds to `builds`
    out: path.join(__dirname, '../build'),

    // Overwrite existing builds
    overwrite: true,

    // Environment variable that sets platform
    platform: process.env.BUILD_TARGET || 'all'

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