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electron-vue has evolved greatly since its initial creation in May of 2016 and has introduced many new fantastic features. Can you believe there was a time vue-cli scaffolding wasn't support? Development of new features is not planned to end anytime soon. The only down side to new bells & whistles every now and then is having your project stuck on an older scaffold. Since electron-vue takes advantage of vue-cli there unfortunately isn't a structured way to version the boilerplate or make it updatable.

Major updates of electron-vue will be made through GitHub Milestones and will include many new features/bug fixes at a time, making these releases the optimal time to migrate any existing projects to a newer scaffold. These milestones are not usually planned, but arise as feature requests add up in the issue tracker.

Objetivos passados


  • Migração para o webpack 2
  • Suporte para o electron-builder
  • Supoerte para a contrução de processo main
  • Resolvendo problemas gerais


  • Migração para um unico arquivo package.json
  • Travis CI / AppVeyor configs for electron-builder users
  • Configuraçẽos para Travis CI / AppVeyor para os usuarios de electron-builder
  • Saida web minima no processo renderer

  • Migração para o axios

  • Suporte completo para agrupar o processo main
  • Reescrevendo os scripts de desenvolvimento e construção
  • Migration to babili to remove the need of transpiling down completely to ES5
  • Migração para o babili para remover a nescessidade de transpilar completamente para o ES5
  • Suporte para static/ assets enquanto usam modulos que nescessitam de prover um caminho completo (__static)

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