Thank You

Wow, thank you guys so much for helping make electron-vue one of the top 3vue-clitemplates (that I can find) on GitHub. I never thought this project would ever take off like it has today. Thinking back, I originally made this boilerplate (in May 2016) for a personal closed sourced project and decided to open source (the boilerplate itself) when I knew I had a majority of the pieces together. Fast-forward to today and there have been so many new features implemented and amazing support from the community. I also want to give a special shoutout to those in the community helping answer issues when I'm not able to. You guys have absolutely no obligation to do anything but you do anyway, and I am grateful for that.

If you are reading this, then I can almost assume you really do enjoy electron-vue. A lot of time was spent creating this boilerplate. If you are feeling generous, then feel free to leave a tip if you want. Surely future development of electron-vue is not dependent upon donations, but its always an option if you decide to use it.

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